Who Stole My Customer?: Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty

Descriere: Who Stole My Customer offers unique and powerful insights into the world of acquiring and retaining customers. Most importantly it provides new approaches to keeping existing customers from defection. A must-read in today’s challenging business environment.-Dieter Huckenstein, President, Hotel Operations, Hilton Hotels Corporation Harvey Thompson probably knows more about how companies should work with customers than anyone else in the world. In an age when computers and mass communications makes it difficult to keep or attract new customers, Thompson’s insights on what managers must do to keep them makes this one of the most important business books published this year. Clearly must reading for all levels of management.-James W. Cortada, IBM Institute for Business Value Harvey Thompson has done it again with this well-written book that offers valuable insights about the roots of sustained corporate greatness. He captures a lifetime of building winning formulas and puts them into a simple and practical context for executives at any level looking to take their business to the next level in the 21st century.-Mark R. Richards, President, Structures Division, Valmont Industries, Inc. One of the leading causes of the rapid turnover of marketing and sales executives isn’t the economy, it’s the ignored cancer of customer attrition. Who Stole My Customer takes on this challenge head-on and tackles it from a pragmatic perspective with actions you can take today.-Louis Columbus, Senior Analyst, AMR Research I think Harvey Thompson really understands how customers feel about products and services-for better or worse! His central point is well taken-take care of them now or lose them to competitors who are more in tune with your customers’ needs and wants. This book helps us remember that we must build our offerings from the ‘outside in’ to build customer loyalty and minimize defection. Thank you, Mr. Thompson!"-Bill Ghormley, Executive Consultant, The Forum Corporation, and Past President, The Marketing Science Institute A start-to-finish program for addressing your #1 challenge: customer retention Who’s stealing your customers? Why is it happening? How can you stop it? These are the toughest questions facing virtually every enterprise. Who Stole My Customer is your complete guide to planning and implementing customer loyalty processes that really work-because they’re built around what your customers really want. Harvey Thompson helps you view your business and its processes through your customer’s eyes … and you might be shocked at what you see. You’ll systematically discover the real drivers of customer loyalty in your business, so you can focus your customer relationship investments for maximum value. Drawing on his unsurpassed experience at IBM and other world-class enterprises, Thompson shows exactly how to rebuild every touchpoint around your customer’s needs … and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way. You won’t just improve customer retention for a quarter or two: you’ll build resilient customer relationships that resist competition for years to come. Current customers are up to nine times as profitable as new ones, but keeping customers has never been tougher. Traditional "customer satisfaction" programs and "Have a Nice Day" platitudes won’t cut it anymore. It’s time you developed a customer-defined, outside-in vision of your business, plus the capabilities and infrastructure to make it real. Who Stole My Customer shows you how to do it. Harvey Thompson led customer-focused process improvement at Lou Gerstner’s IBM, helping to drive one of the greatest transformations in business history. Drawing on his experiences with IBM and other world-class enterprises, he’ll help you discover how your customers have changed, what they’re expecting now, which facets of customer satisfaction actually drive loyalty … and where you’re most vulnerable. Next, Thompson shows you exactly what to do about it. You’ll learn how to engineer a winning customer experience around your customer’s view of the world, and how to "institutionalize" loyalty, making it resilient enough to resist virtually any competitor. A systematic, customer-centered approach to retention. Rebuilding your processes around your customer’s real needs and desires. Your customers have changed. Have you? Why your traditional strengths may now be fatal weaknesses. Investing to improve loyalty, not just satisfaction. Which aspects of customer satisfaction drive retention-and which don’t. Different drivers for different customers. Segmenting your customers for improved retention. From vision to reality. Implementing world-class customer loyalty capabilities and infrastructure. "Institutionalizing" customer loyalty for the long term. Staying "glued" to your customers-no matter what your competitors do.

  • Autori: Harvey Thompson
  • Editura: FT Press
  • Anul aparitiei: 2004
  • ISBN: 9780131453562
  • Numar de pagini: 210
  • Categorie: Business

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