White Sister

Descriere: ONE IS his beloved.
Leaving L.A.’s Parker Center, Shane Scully and his wife, Alexa, agree to meet at home but Alexa never arrives. Then Shane’s called to a crime scene on Mulholland Drive, where the victim, an apparent gang member, has been executed–and left in Alexa’s car. Her gun is the likely murder weapon.
THE OTHER Is his Nemesis.
As Shane desperately tries to find Alexa, his leads point to a feud between two gangsta-rap record companies, both heavily manned by Crips and Bloods. At the center of this war is a ruthless, beautiful Lady Macbeth-like white woman raised in Compton. Married to a multi-millionaire rap mogul, she is known as the White Sister.
It’s his worst nightmare come true
Shane is no stranger to big trouble, but he’s never before been smeared as a "racist cop" or thrown in jail while there’s a hit out on him. Much worse is the unknown fate of Alexa, and the fact that in the mysterious White Sister–who holds the clue to a sinister conspiracy–he may have met his match.
 "A strong piece of fiction that leads readers through the harrowing underbelly of L.A. "
–"Daily News"
"A terrific read."–"New York"" Sun"

  • Autori: Stephen J. Cannell
  • Editura: St. Martin’s Press
  • Anul aparitiei: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780312347369
  • Numar de pagini: 340
  • Categorie: Fiction