The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche

Descriere: The Birth of Tragedy, first Nietzsche’s books. It was republished in 1886 as The Birth of Tragedy, Or: Hellenism and Pessimism. An Attempt at Self-Criticism, wherein Nietzsche commented on this very early work. In this book Nietzsche characterizes the conflict between two distinct tendencies – the Apollonian and Dionysian. Nietzsche describes in this book how from Socrates onward the Apollonian had dominated Western thought, and raises German Romanticism as a possible reintroduction of the Dionysian to the salvation of European culture…

  • Autori: Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Editura: Book Jungle
  • Anul aparitiei: 2007
  • ISBN: 9781594625855
  • Numar de pagini: 236
  • Categorie: Philosophy

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