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Introduction to Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma: Techniques and Strategies


Structure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations

Descriere: Here’s a guide that shows managers how to choose the best organizational design for their business from five basic structures identified by the author. In it readers will discover how to avoid typical mistakes, especially those pertaining to conflict … Continue reading

Interviewing: Art and Skill

Descriere: INTERVIEWING: Art and Skill is the only book for the basic course in Interviewing to systematical

Anthology of Living Theater

Descriere: This anthology of 18 plays offers a convenient and affordable alternative to ordering individual pla

The Eater Reader

Descriere: "A Longman Topics Reader that considers food in the social context." Starting from the assumption th

Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit R: The Laws of Physics Are Frame-Independent

Descriere: SIX IDEAS THAT SHAPED PHYSICS is the 21st century’s alternative to traditional, encyclopedic textboo


Descriere: Designed for users of the X Window System–both novice and expert alike–this volume provides a

Addison-Wesley’s C++ Backpack Reference Guide

Descriere: This book provides a quick reference to C++’s most frequently used keywords and libraries. It is clear and easy-to-use, integrating syntax examples, keyword descriptions, and programming tips in a way that will make it the must-have reference.

Current Psychotherapies

Descriere: Highly respected and used in the field’s top programs, CURRENT PSYCHOTHERAPIES provides readers of counseling, psychology, and social work with an authoritative treatment of the major systems of psychotherapy. Each contributor is either an originator or a leading proponent … Continue reading

Grammar and Language Workbook: Grade 6

Descriere: The Grammar and Language Workbook offers sequential language instruction along with extensive drill and practice in grammar, usage, and mechanics. This important tool includes a handbook as well as vocabulary, spelling, and composition lessons..

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