Teaching Chemistry with Toys

Descriere: As a child or as an adult, most of us find it difficult to walk past a colorful display of toys without pausing, smiling, and taking a closer look. The urge to roll the truck down the hill, bounce the Silly Putty[, or wind up the walking dinosaur is nearly irresistible. We typically associate toys with fun, discovery, and creativity. In contrast, if presented with a display of chemistry and physics experiments, "fun, discovery, and creativity" unfortunately would not be the words that come to most peoples’ minds. Our idea was to teach basic chemistry and physics principles using toys, thus capitalizing on the natural attractiveness of toys and also showing that physical science is an integral part of our everyday experiences. Exciting projects use ordinary toys and play materials to demonstrate chemistry principles. [ 42 activities grouped separately for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7-9 [ 296 pages [ Grades K-9

  • Autori: John Williams, Mickey Sarquis, Jerry Sarquis
  • Editura: Terrific Science Press
  • Anul aparitiei: 1995
  • ISBN: 9781883822293
  • Numar de pagini: 306
  • Categorie: Education

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