Romance Angels


Meet the romance angels, a segment of the angelic that specializes in helping you manifest a healthy and romantic love life. On Side A of this powerful audiocassette, Dr. Doreen Virtue teaches you how to call upon the romance angels and receive their help in every facet of your love life. She gives specific examples of how the angelic kingdom can intervene in Cupid-like fashion. On Side B, Doreen takes you through a relaxing meditation that allows the angels to clear away blocks that could be interfering with your love life. The romance angels will give you guidance that will put you on your way toward a happy and healthy relationship.

  • Autori: Doreen Virtue
  • Editura: Hay House
  • Anul aparitiei: 2005
  • ISBN: 9781401904142
  • Categorie: Unabridged

Pret: 61,00 RON

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