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Student World Atlas

"The HarperCollins Student World Atlas" contains ninety-two pages of reference maps complemented by highly illustrated coverage of major world issues and geography. Topics, which include climate and weather, the oceans, population, the world economy, and health and communications, are presented … Continue reading

Epic Films: Casts, Credits and Commentary on Over 350 Historical Spectacle Movies, 2D Ed.

"Epic" films, those concerned with monumental events and larger-than-life characters, cover the peri

Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer 6/E

A uniquely useful resource, the Atlas & Gazetteer* Series is great for information on camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, bike and motorcycle touring, birdwatching, back road exploration, and more. A guide is available for all 50 American states.

William Taylor

From early colonial times comes this historical study of one Taylor family, first known in Exeter, N

The Ultimate Survival Guide

This latest entry in the HarperEssential line is the definitive survival guide and resource for all travelers, campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. It covers everything from basic first aid to disaster preparedness.

Collins Italian Dictionary

A new edition of the acclaimed "Collins Italian Gem Dictionary," revised and updated with the latest vocabulary and now including a handy supplement of useful travel phrases. With its extensive coverage of Italian language in a compact form, the "Collins … Continue reading

Red Herrings and White Elephants: The Origins of the Phrases We Use Everyday

With entries such as "bite the bullet" and "leap of faith," this tongue-in-cheek reference to idioms and their origins is a perfect holiday gift with a small, appealing trim size.

Majestic Traditional Silver-Edged Bible Tabs

Traditional Silver-Edged Bible Tabs Set Perfect for those who carry their Bible with a sense of style. Silver foil edges are a visually pleasing way to find favorite Scriptures. 72 white foil-edged tabs for Bible from 7 inches up to … Continue reading

The Times Compact Atlas of the World

This is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy-to-use format that retains the authority, style, and detail of the larger atlases offered in this range. All the mapping and information in this revised edition has been brought … Continue reading

Bridal Flowers: Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages

Enjoy an enormous collection of bouquets for brides and their maids, along with boutonnire designs for the gentlemen, and something for every other special member of the wedding party. There are corsages, hairpieces, baskets, ring pillows, and pomanders for the … Continue reading

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