Prison Writings

Descriere: "A deeply moving and very disturbing story of a gross miscarriage of justice and an eloquent cri de coeur of Native Americans for redress, and to be regarded as human beings with inalienable rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution, like any other citizens. We pray it does not fall on deaf ears. America owes it to herself." –Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate
"For too long, both Leonard’s supporters and detractors have seen him as a metaphor, as a public figure worthy of political rallies and bumper stickers, but very rarely as a private man who only wants to go home. I pray this book will bring Leonard home." –Sherman Alexie, author of "Indian Killer"
"It would be inadequate to describe Leonard Peltier’s Prison Writings as a classic of prison literature, although it is that. It is also a cry for help, an accusation against monstrous injustice, a beautiful expression of a man’s soul, demanding release." –Howard Zinn, author of –A People’s History of the United States
"Listen to this fresh, brave voice, then inform yourself about the shameful case of Leonard Peltier." –Peter Matthiessen, author of "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse"
"This book takes the reader on an emotional and spiritual journey as Leonard Peltier’s surprisingly hopeful reflections make the terrible injustice of his imprisonment for 24 years even more difficult to accept. Peltier’s important journal details his trial and conviction which was based in part on admittedly false testimony and evidence so inconclusive that reasonable people everywhere have concluded that he should be granted clemency." –Wilma Mankiller, former chief of the Cherokee Nation, and author of "Mankiller"
"Leonard Peltier’s words reveal a wise man who has become freer than his captors, despite his false imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. His thoughts here remind us of our true mission as Indian people, as human beings here on this humble, beautiful planet. These thoughts cannot be captured or locked behind bars, or destroyed by gunfire. They fly free." –Joy Harjo, Muskoke poet and musician, author of "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky" ql"If you care about justice, read this brave book. If you care about the perpetuation of the white man’s justice against the Native American, you must know the Leonard Peltier story." –Gerry Spence, author of "Give Me Liberty!"

  • Autori: Leonard F. Peltier
  • Editura: St. Martin’s Griffin
  • Anul aparitiei: 2000
  • ISBN: 9780312263805
  • Numar de pagini: 272
  • Categorie: Biography

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