Pre-Calculus Demystified

Descriere: @lt;[email protected];HERE’S AN ABSOLUTE VALUE FOR ANYONE WISHING TO MASTER [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Calculus is a cinch with pre-calculus under your belt — and calculus is a must for any science, math, or computer science major. Pre-calculus by itself deepens your understanding of mathematics and improves your performance on standardized pre-college and college tests. Now anyone can master pre-calculus — without formal training, unlimited time, or a genius IQ. In @lt;[email protected];Pre-Calculus Demystified, @lt;/[email protected]; best-selling author and teacher Rhonda Huettenmueller breaks pre-calculus down into manageable bites with practical examples, solutions, graphs, practice questions, and a fresh approach that removes the mystery from pre-calc [email protected];[email protected];Unlike most books on pre-calculus, general concepts are presented first — and the details follow. In order to make the process as clear and simple as possible, long computations are presented in a logical, layered progression with just one execution per [email protected];[email protected];This entertaining self-teaching course makes it fun and easy to learn precalculus fast. Get ready to: @lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Perform better on placement [email protected];[email protected];Avoid confusion with detailed examples and solutions that help you every step of the [email protected];[email protected];Conquer such topics as absolute value, nonlinear inequalities, inverses, trigonometric functions, and conic [email protected];[email protected];Get comfortable with functions, graphs of functions, logarithms, exponents, and [email protected];[email protected];Master a subject that will help you with calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, computing, and [email protected];[email protected];Reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses with questions at the end of every chapter, and a final exam at the end of the [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Pre-Calculus [email protected];/[email protected]; is the perfect shortcut to learning or brushing up on this important subject.

  • Autori: Rhonda Huettenmueller
  • Editura: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
  • Anul aparitiei: 2005
  • ISBN: 9780071439275
  • Numar de pagini: 468
  • Categorie: Mathematics