McGraw -Hill’s Top 50 Math Skills for GED Success

Descriere: @lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Proven strategies for turning your math weaknesses into strengths–and passing the [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Math skills can often be the difference between passing the GED on your first try and disappointment. But it is often hard to pinpoint those areas that you still need to [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Let @lt;[email protected];McGraw-Hill’s Top 50 Math Skills for GED [email protected];/[email protected]; give you everything you need to ace the math questions on GED test day. Written by two experts who have years of experience with the GED, this easy-to-use book features: @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];A pretest designed to identify your weaknesses in those math areas the GED traditionally focuses on @lt;[email protected];Two-page lessons that increase your knowledge in 50 essential skills so that they become your strengths @lt;[email protected];Detailed guidance on using a calculator and making estimations @lt;[email protected];A full answer key with helpful explanations @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Don’t take chances with the GED. Brush up on the knowledge you need to know @lt;[email protected];[email protected];/[email protected]; with @lt;[email protected];McGraw-Hill’s Top 50 Math Skills for GED [email protected];/[email protected];[email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];[BOX]@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];How to use this book to quickly–and dramatically–improve your GED math skills: @lt;/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];1. Take the pretest to determine where you most need [email protected];[email protected];2.Study the two-page lesson on each skill that gave you [email protected];[email protected];3.Take the posttest under timed, testlike [email protected];[email protected];4.Do it again, focusing only on the areas still giving you [email protected];[email protected];5.PASS THE [email protected];[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];

  • Autori: Dolores Emery, Robert Mitchell
  • Editura: Mcgraw Hill
  • Anul aparitiei: 2004
  • ISBN: 9780071445221
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