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Bible Stories Coloring Book

Descriere: Forty-six incredible woodcuts from the Koelner Bible (1479) illustrate selected Old Testament stories. Clear, simple accompanying text will inspire colorists. An entertaining educational experience.

Un Pensamiento Positiva Para Cada Dia (Positive Thinking Every Day): (Positive Thinking Every Day)

Descriere: La filosofia de pensamiento positivo de Norman Vincent Peale ha tenido una influencia sin precedente

Ethics in Ministry

Descriere: This study intersperses discussion of ethical problems with case analysis.

Cherries in Winter: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times

Descriere: In a tattered treasure full of handwritten and meticulously typed recipes and peppered with her grandmother Matilda’s commentary in the margins, Coln finds recipes for "sturdy food" and begins uncovering the stories of her resilient family’s past.

Chicken Soup for the Soul of America: Stories to Heal the Heart of Our Nation

Descriere: The citizens of this country, as well as our friends around the world, truly do" stand united." Heroism has been redefined, our core values have resurfaced and a new sense of local and national community has emerged. You won’t … Continue reading

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive: 101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude

Descriere: A collection of 101 true personal stories from regular people about the power of positive thinking in their lives and how they use positive thinking, count their blessings, and are grateful.

Grace Notes

Descriere: For Stoddard readers and all who buy inspirational books, here is a beautifully designed and illustrated daily companion offering inspirational quotes from innumerable sources. Each day addresses different themes and there is space on every page for the reader’s … Continue reading

Have a Little Faith: A True Story

Descriere: "New York Times"-bestselling author Albom goes back to his nonfiction roots with a timely, moving, and inspiring look at faith–not just who believes, but why–prompted by his search for the right words to eulogize a beloved rabbi.

Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness

Descriere: This guide warmly addresses those who wish to approach the final years of life with a greater awareness of what to expect and how to make the most of it with growth, comfort and reflection. Illustrations.

The Power of Now: 50 Inspiration Cards

Descriere: Each inspirational card expresses a quotation from the book on one side and art on the other to aid busy people with their daily meditations. Topics include rising above thought and creating enlightened relationships.

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