First Family

Descriere: Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, back from their harrowing and near-fatal adventure in the blockbuster #1 bestseller Simple Genius, return in a mesmerizing new thriller. A daring kidnapping turns a children’s birthday party at Camp David into a national security nightmare, but the hostage is not who anyone would expect. The First Lady enlists the services of King and Maxwell to bring the child back safely. Years ago, King saved her then-senator husband from an assassin’s bullet; whether they shared anything else is their secret. With Michelle still recovering from her own demons the pair are pushed to the limit, with forces aligned on all sides against them, and the line between friend and foe impossible to define…or defend.

  • Autori: David Baldacci
  • Editura: Hachette Audio
  • Anul aparitiei: 2010
  • ISBN: 9781600248368
  • Categorie: Unabridged

Pret: 68,00 RON