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Descriere: @lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];MAKE EVERY EVENT A SMASHING SUCCESS…IN SEVEN SIMPLE [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Whether you’re organizing a company party, a product launch, or a fund-raising gala, planning a major event can be a daunting task. Now the industry leaders who’ve organized major events for the 1996 Olympics and for several Fortune 500 companies make it easy for anyone to plan a successful function–in seven timesaving steps: @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];1.Determine the Five "W"s and, Always, "How.."[email protected];/[email protected];Who, What, Where, When, Why, and "How big is your budget?"@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];2. Take Care of the Nuts and [email protected];/[email protected];…A surefire system to choose the perfect time and [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];3. Create a Project [email protected];/[email protected];…The smart way to keep track of contacts, guest lists, menus, staff, sound, decor, security, etc. in one [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];4. Design Your [email protected];/[email protected];…Harness your creativity with looks and ideas to suit any [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];5. Envision Your [email protected];/[email protected];…Hints to achieve an overall look, sound, and [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];6. Finish the Unseen [email protected];/[email protected];…Tips and techniques to help pull off the event as smoothly as [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];7. Post Event [email protected];/[email protected];…Following through with cleanup, expenses, and thank you [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];"My experience working with Paulette and Jodi Wolf has been an incredible one."–Preston Bailey, author of @lt;[email protected];Preston Bailey’s Design for [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];"The team of Paulette and Jodi Wolf represents the very best in the special event business."–Lisa Hurley, Editor, @lt;[email protected];Special Events [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];"This book will provide great insight as to how to organize your important events."–Deloris Jordan, President, Michael Jordan’s Family [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];[insert sidebar: ]@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Event Planning Made [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];is perfect for: @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Corporate [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Fund-raising [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Product [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Weddings and [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Destination [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Family [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Award [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Holiday [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Church [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Fashion [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Athletic [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Dedications and [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];And much [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];[FLAP COPY: ]@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Planning an event for your company, club, charity group, or [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Learn the secrets of the [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];No matter what the scale, budget or occasion, event planning can be an immense challenge. There’s a reason why companies often hire outside specialists to handle the task. These specialists know what they’re doing. But there’s no reason @lt;[email protected];[email protected];/[email protected]; can’t use the proven secrets of professionals to plan your own successful [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Written by Paulette Wolf and Jodi Wolf–the industry’s top leaders in corporate event production–this simple comprehensive guide takes you through every step of the party-planning process, from early conceptualization, sourcing and contracting, to last-minute details and follow-ups. By taking advantage of their years of experience, you can easily sidestep stress, balance the budget, anticipate problems–and create a smoothly run event that makes a positive, lasting impression. These time-tested tricks of the trade will help you to: @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Choose the right venue at the best price @lt;[email protected];Create an organized event book @lt;[email protected];Develop an ideal menu and theme @lt;[email protected];Book entertainment, staff, and caterers @lt;[email protected];Manage behind-the-scenes operations and security @lt;[email protected];Make every event a smashing success @lt;/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];Event Planning Made [email protected];/[email protected]; takes the guesswork out of party organization–so you have more time to focus on the creative and social aspects of the job. The book even includes all the fill-in sheets and forms you’ll need to keep track of everything. Event production may be work, but when you know the secrets of the pros, you’ll be surprised at how fun and rewarding it can [email protected];/[email protected];@lt;[email protected];@lt;[email protected];[Add author photo] [credit: John Reilly Photogrphay] Paulette Wolf and Jodi [email protected];/[email protected]; are founders and presidents of Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment (PWEE). Nationally recognized as industry leaders in corporate event planning, they have provided services for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Fortune 500 corporate launches, McDonald’s, Disney, American Red Cross, Cirque du Soleil, VH1, @lt;[email protected];USA [email protected];/[email protected];, and many others. Their talent list includes Tom Brokaw, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey, and they were recently featured in @lt;[email protected];Ladies’ Home [email protected];/[email protected];[email protected];/[email protected];

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