Drawing Mandalas from Nature [With 8 Colored Pencils and Mandalas in Nature Guide and Sharpener]


The mandala, an ancient symbol representing the spiritual center of all existence, manifests itself all around us in such patterns as a spider’s web or a sunflower. "Drawing Mandalas from Nature" includes 80 black-and-white designs based on these natural forms, a set of colored pencils, and an accompanying guide. By coloring these circular images and meditating on them, the reader experiences their transformative energy-and in the process, centers body, mind, and spirit. The book explores the history and meaning of the mandala, and explains how to use it as a tool for relaxation, healing, and self-realization. Kit includes:
o 80 sheets of mandala designs to fill in
o 10 colored pencils with a sharpener
o The 64-page book Mandalas in Nature

  • Editura: Sterling Innovation
  • Anul aparitiei: 2010
  • ISBN: 9781402773082
  • Categorie: Art

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