Customer Genius: Becoming a Customer-Centric Business


Hello, I am your customer. Do you see the world like I do? It’s simple really. Start with me, and everything else follows. Together we can do extraordinary things. Are you ready? Building a customer-centric business Customers are now in control of our markets, demanding that we do business on their terms. Their expectations are high, and loyalty is rare. They are individual and emotional, well informed and highly organized. They know what they want, and only accept the best. Customers are the lifeblood of organizations, increasingly the most valuable assets. Products are commoditized and capabilities can be sourced. Insights and relationships are your competitive advantage. This requires you to think more holistically, and act differently. Peter Fisk, a leading customer and business strategist, proposes a new blue print for building a customer-centric business; proving that the right customer strategies, based on deeper customer insight, driving more compelling propositions and distinctive experiences, can engage those ‘wonderful people’ we call customers. 10 building blocks, 30 practical tools, 50 inspirational stories From Amazon to Banyan T4ree, Quintessentially to Zipcars, explore 50 of the world’s leading customer businesses. The rise of Air Asia, and the collaboration of Boeing; the segmented focus of Club Med, and the customer vision of Disney; the imagination of caper, and the desire for the Nintendo Wii; the realism of Dove and the tribal loyalty of Harley Davidson. The ‘genius’ of a customer-centric business is hat it words from the outside in. It attracts, serves and retains the best customers as its route to profitability and growth. Isn’t it about time you started doing business from the outside in? Genius = intelligence + imagination = extraordinary results

  • Autori: Peter Fisk
  • Editura: Capstone Press(MN)
  • Anul aparitiei: 2009
  • ISBN: 9781841127880
  • Numar de pagini: 394
  • Categorie: Business

Pret: 129,00 RON

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