Descriere: Nominated for a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Recording, Toni Morrison’s Beloved.
"The novel as spoken word is a completely new venue for readers and returns narrative to its origins. I am overjoyed that one of my books get to participate in this rejuvenation."

-Toni Morrison on her Grammy nomination
8 cassettes / 12 hours
Beautifully read by the Author, Toni Morrison
Listen to Toni Morrison read her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Beloved.
Set in post-Civil War Ohio, it is the story of Sethe, an escaped slave who has risked her life in order to wrench herself from a living death; who has lost a husband and buried a child; who has borne the unthinkable and not gone mad. Sethe, who now lives in a small house on the edge of town with her daughter, Denver, her mother-in-law, Baby Suggs, and a disturbing, mesmerizing apparition who calls herself Beloved.
Sethe works at ‘beating back the past, ‘ but it makes itself heard and felt incessantly: in her memory; in Denver’s fear of the world outside the house; in the sadness that consumes Baby Suggs; in the arrival of Paul D, a fellow former slave; and, most powerfully, in Beloved, whose childhood belongs to the hideous logic of slavery and who has now come from the ‘place over there’ to claim retribution for what she lost and for what was taken from her. Sethe’s struggle to keep Beloved from gaining possession of her present – and to throw off the long-dark legacy of her past – is at the center of this spellbinding novel. But it also moves beyond its particulars, combining imagination and the vision of legend with the unassailable truths of history.
Upon the original publication of Beloved, John Leonardwrote in the "Los Angeles Times: "I can’t imagine American literature without it."
In fact, more than a decade later, it remains a preeminent novel of our time, speaking with timeless clarity and power to our experience as a nation with a past of both abominable and ennobling circumstance.

  • Autori: Toni Morrison
  • Editura: Random House Audio Assets
  • Anul aparitiei: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780739342275
  • Categorie: Unabridged

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