Baby Hearts: A Guide to Giving Your Child an Emotional Head Start

Descriere: Who says your baby can’t "talk" about his or her feelings? In fact, babies’ actions often speak louder than words! Understanding those actions-and responding appropriately to them-is the key to giving your child a head start to a healthy and happy future. Now the authors of the bestselling "Baby Minds and "Baby Signs translate the latest research on the rich inner life of babies into practical, fun activities that will foster your child’s emotional skills during the most critical period-between birth and age three. This comprehensive guide will help you help your child express emotions effectively, develop empathy, form healthy friendships, and cope with specific challenges. Learn how to:
-Talk with your child about emotions in order to help him recognize and control his own
-Use face-to-face interaction, tone of voice, song, and touch to make your infant feel safe and secure
-Start a gratitude journal to help your child appreciate the good things in life
-Nurture self-esteem with "try, try again" activities and simple chores
-Create a "What are they feeling" deck of cards to help your child understand and practice emotions
-Use games and songs to help your child practice self-control
-Overcome temper tantrums, aggression, shyness, separation anxiety, and other challenges
Whether your child is as easy to raise as a sunflower, as difficult as the prickly holly bush, requires the patience of the delicate orchid, or is as active as the exuberant dandelion, "Baby Hearts helps you provide the
emotional support that may be the most important gift a parent can give.

  • Autori: Susan Goodwyn, Linda Acredolo
  • Editura: Bantam Books
  • Anul aparitiei: 2005
  • ISBN: 9780553382204
  • Numar de pagini: 310
  • Categorie: Family

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