R in a Nutshell

The first affordable, comprehensive book on R, a powerful open source tool for statistical computing. Whether analyzing business data or conducting scientific research, R lets users perform statistical analysis in minutes that would take hours with Excel.

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R Is for Ricochet

The #1 "New York Times" bestseller is now in paperback. After five dark and gritty Kinsey Milhone mysteries, Grafton changes tone, giving readers a lighthearted novel featuring a wide range of characters, from a spoiled rich girl just out of prison to a too-good-to-be-true (and single) cop who seems to have the hots for Kinsey.

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R.U.R (Rossum’s Universal Robots)

Karel apek was one of the most influential Czech writers, famous for introducing the word Robot into modern usage.

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R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)

R.U.R.awritten in 1920, premiered in Prague in 1921, and first performed in New York in 1922agarnered worldwide acclaim for its author and popularized the word "robot." Mass-produced as efficient laborers to serve man, A Capekas Robots are an android productathey remember everything but think of nothing new. Continue Reading →

Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography

Beginning with the Gospels, interpretations of the life of Jesus have flourished for nearly two millennia, yet a clear and coherent picture of Jesus as a man has remained elusive. In" Rabbi Jesus, the noted biblical scholar Bruce Chilton places Jesus within the context of his times to present a fresh, historically accurate, and revolutionary examination of the man who founded Christianity. Continue Reading →

Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography

A brilliant new biography of Saint Paul, whose interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus

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Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography

A brilliant new biography of Saint Paul, whose interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus tr

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Rabbit e bogat

Romanul Rabbit e bogat a fost distins în 1982 cu Premiul Pulitzer şi National Book Award.
A treia verigă a tetralogiei dedicate de John Updike mediocrului cetăţean american Harry Angstrom alias Rabbit, multipremiatul roman Rabbit e bogat (Rabbit is rich) ne poartă în America anilor 1979-1980, adică în plină criză energetică şi geo-politică mondială, când preţul petrolului a explodat în lumea întreagă, adepţii Ayatollahului Khomeini au luat câteva sute de ostatici americani la ambasada SUA din Teheran, iar URSS a invadat Afganistanul. Continue Reading →

Rabbit se odihneste

Rabbit se odihneste - John Updike

Ultima parte a tetralogiei dedicate de John Updike lui Harry Angstrom alias Rabbit, Rabbit se odihneste (Rabbit at Rest) – roman distins in 1991 cu premiul Pulitzer – ne poarta in America anilor 1989-1990. Facand naveta intre Pennsylvania natala (vara), si Florida (artificialul paradis hibernal al pensionarilor americani), Rabbit se confrunta cu noi crize si incepe sa se simta muritor. Continue Reading →

Rabdarea Timpului.

John Brunner condamna si demonteaza resorturile rasismului.
Brunner imagineaza o lume viitoare în care pamântenii colonizeaza doua planete: Viridis si Stellaris. Colonistii umani de pe Stellaris râvnesc sa preia conducerea intregii omeniri si risca sa declanseze o catastrofa cu implicatii incalculabile. Continue Reading →

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